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Lotus Notes Connector For Siebel CRM

iEnterprise Email Connector let’s you work the way you do by integrating your inbox, calendar tasks and contacts with your CRM.

Instantly synchronize your Lotus Notes Email

Integrate Siebel CRM and Lotus Notes in one easy step with nothing to install other than a ‘plugin’ for your Lotus Notes client. The Lotus Notes Connector for Siebel CRM developed by iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly synchronize your Lotus Notes email, calendar, ToDos and PAB to and from your Siebel CRM system.

The Lotus Notes Connector does everything you need to facilitate seamless integration between Lotus Notes and Siebel CRM and can be quickly implemented via a wizard-driven installer.

Download our free 30 day trial NOW and be up and running in minutes if you are an individual user. Or if you are a System Administrator deploy our Plug-in across multiple users by updating their mail template using our installer.

iEnterprise Connectors Now Have ChatGPT Integration!