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ChatGPT Is Now Integrated with Gmail and CRM

iEnterprises' Connectors now let you use AI with email and CRM

ChatGPT is now integrated with Gmail and Popular CRMs such as, Microsoft Dynamics and ZOHO via iEnterprises’ “Connector” products.

iEnterprises, a leading provider of CRM integration products, is excited to announce the integration of ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, with Gmail and popular CRMs including, Microsoft Dynamics, ZOHO and others.

This integration allows users to interact with ChatGPT directly within their email inbox and CRM, streamlining their workflow, and increasing productivity. With ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities, users can easily generate emails, automate responses, and complete CRM tasks, all without leaving their inbox. The iEnterprises’ Connector ChatGPT integration will help businesses automate their customer service by answering customer emails using email templates and ChatGPT.  This will help businesses become more efficient and effective in responding to customer inquiries and complaints, leading to better customer service and increased productivity. In addition, iEnterprises will be adding support for Microsoft Outlook as well as additional AI features in the near future.

“We are thrilled to offer this integration to our customers,” said John Carini, CEO of iEnterprises. “ChatGPT’s advanced language processing capabilities combined with the convenience of having it along with your CRM directly inside your inbox will greatly benefit our customers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.”

This integration is now available to all iEnterprises Connector customers. For a free trial of the Connector visit or contact  

iEnterprise Connectors Now Have ChatGPT Integration!