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iEnterprises does not simply provide software solutions. We are CRM and mobile experts delivering intelligent solutions that work the way you do.

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iEnterprise CRM is our intelligent and full featured CRM solution that works the way you do. It is completely integrated with Gmail, Outlook and Lotus Notes so you can do everything in one place. In addition, iEnterprise CRM is extremely flexible and is tailored for companies with recurring revenue. Try iEnterprise CRM today using our CRM conversion tool and get a solution that works the way you do at a fraction of the total cost of other solutions.

Quickbooks CRM Integration

iEnterprise Email Connector integrates your CRM with your email platform to allow your CRM to intelligently work the way you do. iEnterprise Email Connectors supports all Email systems including Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes / Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Office365, Outlook, etc. It also supports most popular CRM solutions including iEnterprises CRM,, Oracle CRM on Demand, Siebel , Oracle Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and SugarCRM.

iEnterprise Move CRM lets you easily convert from one CRM solution to another or allows multiple CRM solutions to co-exist in your organization. The sophisticated cloud based platform lets you quickly and easily move data from one CRM solution to another. The intelligent API also lets you extract data from your CRM for development purposes. iEnterprise Move CRM supports most popular CRM solutions including iEnterprises CRM,, Oracle CRM on Demand, Sieblie , Oracle Sales Cloud MS Dynamics CRM, Netsuite and SugarCRM.

iEnterprise Mobile is our offline / online enterprise mobility app / platform. iEnterprise Mobile lets you create apps that connect and extend to your enterprise data to mobile devices. iEnterprise Mobile uses smart replication lookup and download to provide only the data you need locally on your mobile device. It also lets you create cross platform mobile apps without writing a line of code. iEnterprise Mobile supports iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets as well as BlackBerry devices. In addition, iEnterprise Mobile has prebuilt connectors to, Oracle CRM on Demand, Oracle Salescloud, MS Dynamics CRM, MYSQL, MSSQL and others.

Social Smart is an enterprise social media engagement, compliance research and sentiment analysis platform that allows highly regulated companies to engage with social media while simultaneously mitigating regulatory compliance and other risks. Social Smart is a sister company to iEnterprises. Click on learn more to visit the Social Smart site.


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