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iEnterprise Email Connector let’s you work the way you do by integrating your inbox, calendar tasks and contacts with your CRM.

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Email Connector for Gmail and Siebel CRM


Integrate your email and calendar with your Siebel CRM in one easy step with absolutely nothing to install.  The Email Connector Sync for Gmail and Siebel CRM developed by iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly synchronize your email and calendar with Siebel CRM. The Email Connector Sync does everything you need to facilitate seamless integration between Gmail and Siebel CRM and can be quickly implemented via by simply connecting to your email and Siebel CRM from our cloud-based synchronization engine. The email connector sync costs only $9.95 USD per user per month.   Sign up for our free 30 day trial HERE and be up and running in minutes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition and Professional Edition with REST API enabled.


Features and Functions:

Email Integration

  •  Copy inbound or outbound emails and attachments to your CRM automatically
  •  Automatically links emails with CRM Contacts or Leads
  •  Create rules for which emails get synchronized. (coming soon)

Calendar Integration

  • Automatically synchronize calendar items from Gmail to Siebel CRM
  • Automatically links calendar items with CRM Contacts or Leads
  • Create rules for which emails get synchronized. (coming soon)
  • Manage your calendar within the Google Calendar and have it automatically
    synchronized with Siebel CRM.

Return on Investment

  • Maximize your CRM and Gmail Investments
  • Increase productivity and corporate knowledge.
  • Focus on the job, not administration.
  • Convenient SaaS subscription model.

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Oracle Oracle is an iEnterprise customer and provides iEnterprise Mobile to it’s life sciences customers as part of a white label agreement. GK Group GK Group uses iEnterprises technology for it’s team of more than
600 field service representatives.
Seiko Seiko uses iEnterprises to integrate email
Roto Rooter Roto Rooter uses iEnterprises CRM Mail to integrate their CRM and email systems thus increasing productivity.