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Email Connector for Gmail and Siebel CRM

iEnterprise Email Connector let’s you work the way you do by integrating your inbox, calendar tasks and contacts with your CRM.

Use Siebel CRM without leaving your inbox or calendar

The Connector for Gmail and Siebel CRM Integrates Siebel CRM  and Gmail to allow you to use Siebel CRM  without leaving your inbox or calendar.   These Connectors use new/native Add-on/Add-In technology and are built into Gmail.   They are NOT unreliable Chrome extensions.  Instead, they run directly in the Google cloud and there is nothing to install on the local PC.  Our connectors work in any browser on Windows, Mac and they are the only connectors that work on mobile for both iOS and Android.

iEnterprise Connectors Now Have ChatGPT Integration!