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Connector for
Gmail and Salesforce

The iEnterprises Gmail connector allows you  to integrate your Email, Calendar, Tasks & Contacts with Salesforce CRM

Use Salesforce Without Ever Leaving Your Inbox or Calendar


Easy To Use

Instantly see details about your customers and prospects from your Inbox and save messages in your CRM with a single click.


Maximum Productivity

Your staff can stay focused on the job, not the administration. Emails can be organized and associated with Contacts, Leads or any CRM object giving you all the information you need at the click of a button. No more copy and paste.


Works on Mobile

Our Connectors are the only solutions that work natively on iOS or Android mobile devices.

The iEnterprises Difference

Mobile device compatibility
Works on iOS and Android
Does not work on mobile
Email compatibility
Works on any Gmail address
Requires Gmail Workspace
Self-installation process
Easy self-installation
Requires admin assistance
Enterprise deployment
Easily deployed en mass via Google Cloud
Must be installed on every computer, locally
Gmail integration technology
Uses modern Gmail add-on
Unreliable Chrome extensions don’t work on mobile
Automated Email with ChatGPT AI
Must write messages manually
ChatGPT helps write messages
Terms of use
Monthly or annual
Annual only
$19.95 per user / month
Over $50 per user / month

Email Integration


Calendar Integration

iEnterprise Connectors Now Have ChatGPT Integration!