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Technology Accelerator Overview

The iEnterprises is a New Jersey based virtual technology accelerator that provides entrepreneurs with the technical resources, training and permanent staffing to allow ideas to become real products with long term sustainability and profitability.

The Problem

Many entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas but lack the technological background and access to software architects and engineers required to implement their ideas. Even entrepreneurs with adequate funding often cannot hire the appropriate personnel due to lack of talent. In addition, many entrepreneurs who hire third party organization to develop their idea continue to be without essential internal skills to be successful and find themselves locked into unsustainable long term spending that ultimately results in very costly failures.

The iEnterprises Technology Accelerator is the solution

The three step program provides offshore resources combined with onshore expertise to take your product from an idea to reality and profitability. 

Step 1 – In step one we share the cost of building your product (50/50) with you by providing offshore resources at half our cost (typically $10-$15 per hour) including access to CTO / Chief Architect resources to build your MVP and begin selling your product. Phase 1 typically takes 3 months. 

Step 2 – In Step 2 we help you make your product production ready and scalable. Entrepreneurs can elect to continue the development, leveraging our off-shore resources at cost ($15 – $25 per hour). In addition, a formal sales and marketing program is developed in this phase with can last up to 24 months.  During the entire process entrepreneurs are trained on how to manage all aspects of their product development and marketing thus allowing the company to become independent.

Step 3 – Finally we transfer a development resource to your company thus allowing you to continue as a profitable independent company.

Other Benefits

  •  Development – Dedicated full time developer(s), CTO and Architect
  •  System Admin – Server setup, maintenance and support
  •  Sales and Marketing – Assistance setting up your sales and marketing effort
  •  Tools – Free one-year subscription to iEnterprise CRM for SAAS companies,
  • Assistance with setting up other sales and marketing tools.
  • Legal – File provisional patent and receive various templates for running your business.
  • And much more!


  • Transfer of 7.5% initial equity and an additional 7.5% per employee transferred to your company.
  • At least one entrepreneur must be willing to work on the project full time.
  • You must have a plan to bootstrap your business and run it for a period of time without external financing.  
  • B to B enterprise software projects especially in CRM and Marketing Automation are preferred.


CTO, John Carini and Chief Architect, Shaji Sarangadharan have deep technical expertise specializing in building and marketing Social, CRM, Mobile and API based SAAS products, building and marketing products that have received numerous awards are in use today by companies like Merck, Oracle, SugarCRM, Seiko, Honeywell and many others. John and Shaji will guide you through the process should you be accepted into the program.

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