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Social Smart for Healthcare Webinar 3/13/18

“Don’t let a social media disaster happen to you!”

Click here to watch the video recording of the 3/13/18 Webinar: Webinar Recording

Social Media has risks: Recent Social Media Disaster: Facebook Firestorm Burns Credit Union

Are your employees already on social media?

-Do they have personal Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles?
-Do they post anything?
-Do you moderate?
-Do you archive?
-Do you think it can happen to you?

Social Smart has been recognized by IBM for innovative social media products in the workplace winning prestigious IBM Beacon Awards and recognition in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017.

While social media continues to be a crucial component of a successful digital strategy, very hospitals and healthcare institutions are able to implement an enterprise solution to optimize social channels and effectively address all the firms’ social media requirements. Building and maintaining relationships, one of the pillars of success for financial institutions, makes meaningful social media engagements essential for servicing customers, growing business and staying competitive. A new, innovative social media management platform designed specifically for the financial services industry, Social Smart enables firms to expand their reach and engage in real-time, two-way client interactions through social media while staying compliant and adhering to the firm’s brand guidelines. Beyond compliance, Social Smart helps firms turn social media into business intelligence. This powerful flexible cloud-based software can be effectively used “out of the box” or easily customized to meet firms’ unique corporate needs. Social Smart helps firms to exponentially expand their reach and provides a robust platform for distributing approved customer service and thought leadership marketing.