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iEnterprises Announces iCRM the Voice Controlled CRM for Amazon Alexa

The first artificial intelligence driven, voice-controlled CRM

Chatham, NJ – November 16, 2017 – iEnterprises, a leader in voice interface technology for high impact customer facing business technology solutions, announced iCRM for Amazon Alexa today leading the way in intelligent CRM for small to medium sized businesses.

“Until now voice recognition was largely focused on consumer applications leaving businesses with user interfaces that are often hard to use and understand,” said John Carini, CEO of iEnterprises Holdings, LLC.

Carini continues on to say: “iEnterprise CRM (iCRM) is the first CRM solution to leverage the artificial intelligence of Amazon Alexa and the Amazon Echo to provide a full CRM experience.  For example, after meeting with your customer, you can simply dictate meeting notes using the iCRM skill for Amazon Alexa and the dictated notes will be stored in the CRM.   In addition, you can just ask Alexa for important items you need to follow-up on and it will automatically find and read these tasks out of the CRM, so you can stay on top of things.  It also allows you to update any record in the CRM including important customer and prospect notes using only your voice, thus giving you full voice control over your CRM.”

Joe Micieli, CEO of Joe Micieli Investments noted, “The ability to access CRM information with iCRM on our mobile devices and via voice control, enables our team members to get more done in a day resulting in increased productivity and sales.”

Apple iOS, Amazon mobile, and Android apps make it possible to voice control iEnterprise CRM from almost anywhere. iEnterprise CRM is designed to operate with third party hands free devices and will soon be able to natively use Amazon Alexa on the newest Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai automobiles, thus providing vast CRM capabilities for road warriors.

For a limited time, iEnterprise CRM and the iCRM Alexa tool set are free for up to two users. Companies and individuals can sign up for iEnterprise CRM at and download the Alexa CRM skill HERE and start using the voice controlled CRM features today. iCRM is free for two users and the unlimited version costs only $29.95 per user per month.


iEnterprises is a 20-year-old software company specializing in developing advanced, easy to use CRM systems that enable companies to be more successful and profitable. iEnterprises’ chief products include the award-winning desktop CRM solution, iEnterprise CRM.  Most recently, iEnterprises has been recognized by Salesforce Dreampitch at Dreamforce 2016 and by IBM’s 2017 Beacon Awards as an “Outstanding Cognitive Solution on Cloud”. The company is based in the New York metropolitan area and has locations in the United Kingdom and Asia.

For more details, including a sample video describing iCRM, please visit or contact us at

iEnterprises will also be holding an informational webinar on December 5, 2017 @ 10:30 AM EST.  Please visit for more information and to register.

Amazon, Alexa, Echo, Apple, iCRM, QuickBooks, Outlook, Salesforce, IBM, Ford, Gmail, BMW, Volkswagen, and Hyundai are brands and trademarks of their respective companies.

IBM Watson CRM Integration

IBM Watson CRM     IBM Watson CRM

iEnterprise CRM was recently honored as an Outstanding Solution on Cloud for its integration with Watson at the IBM Beacon Awards 2017.


CRM Specifically Designed for IBM Partners

iEnterprise CRM is a cloud based solution specifically designed with your requirements in mind. This 2018 IBM Beacon Award winning solution is integrated with various IBM technologies to make your life easier including: IBM Notes for email and Watson for intelligence so as to help you manage and increase sales. It even handles recurring revenue to make subscription and maintenance contract revenue seamless.

Key differences between and iCRM:

  • iCRM is integrated with your email including Lotus Notes, Gmail or Outlook
  • Easily tracks Recurring Revenue and integrates with Quickbooks
  • Quick and easy to customize
  • User intuitive and customizible
  • We include customization and set up
  • More than 50% cheaper than @ a List Price of $29.95 per user per month (Volume Discount may apply)
  • Additional 10% off discount given to IBM PartnersTo learn more or register for a Free Trial, click here:

To schedule a one on one phone consultation email:


iEnterprise CRM for Recurring Revenue

iEnterprise CRM for SaaS Recurring Revenue – iEnterprise CRM is a solution built specifically for other recurring revenue / SaaS organizations to manage customers and the recurring revenue generated by them. It provides all aspects of a traditional CRM including, accounts, contacts, pipeline, issue tracking, campaigns, workflow, reporting as well as Gmail and Outlook integration and more. It provides a recurring revenue quoting as well as an automated billing system that is completely integrated with QuickBooks to automate the running of a SaaS business. The solution is ideal for startups or any company that generates recurring revenue. Unlike and other products iEnterprise CRM provides everything you need to run your recurring revenue business without installing third party plugins, at fair and affordable price.

Click here to read more about iCRM for Recurring Revenue:

If you already have a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics and you are looking to integrate it with Lotus Notes, you may want to consider our Lotus Notes Connector.

Click here for more information:


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