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iEnterprise CRM is a highly configurable CRM solution that is fully integrated with QuickBooks and provides everything you need to manage & grow your small business. iEnterprise CRM for QuickBooks is only $29.95 per user per month for unlimited usage. Sign Up

#1 QuickBooks CRM

QuickBooks CRM by iEnterprise is a cloud solution for multiple users that is built specifically for QuickBooks online. It is a highly configurable system that can be used by your entire organization to manage your salesforce and maximize sales. It provides all aspects of other CRM solutions including, accounts, contacts, pipeline, issue tracking, campaigns,workflow, reporting, as well as Gmail and Outlook integration and more! It also provides recurring revenue tracking, quoting as well as subscription tracking to automate every aspect of your business. The solution is ideal for small and medium sized organizations or any company that uses the QuickBooks Online. Unlike and other products iEnterprise CRM provides everything you need to run your business without installing third party plugins, at a fair and affordable price.

Most small businesses face the following problems:

  • Inability to Manage Sales
  • Lack of Sales Visibility
  • Dual Entry Into Disparate Systems
  • Inability to Access Information
  • Lack of Sales

iCRM Solves these problems as follows:

  • Helps You Manage Sales and Sales Teams
  • Provides Sales Visibility and Predictability
  • Automates Sales Workflow
  • Prevents Dual Entry
  • Access Information VIA Web / Mobile and Even Voice
  • Helps Increase Sales

iEnterprise CRM includes the following features and functions:


  • Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.
  • Sync accounts and contacts with QuickBooks.
  • Automatically creates Invoices in QuickBooks when a deal is closed.
  • Supports recurring revenue.
  • Provides Visibility into QuickBooks from iCRM
  • Provides fully automated QuickBooks credit card billing.


  • Better qualify leads before they are added to your contacts database and more easily import lead lists.
  • Track and log all point-of-sales prospect interactions such as sales calls, emails, meetings and other calendar entries.
  • View details and monitor activities for a specific contact, company, lead, opportunity, project, campaign or event.


  • Analyize sales trends, project revenue over any period of time, and better manage the entire sales cycle.
  • Encourage collaborative selling by triggering notifications/ to-dos at critical steps of a process.
  • Identify missed steps that may have caused poor sales.
  • Handle requirements for different vertical markets.
  • Create activity or call reports; pull sales or support data in a few clicks.


  • Capture and share client and contact information within company.
  • Get a complete view of all interactions with a client or contacts.
  • Communicate with clients and contacts on an ongoing basis.
  • Gain complete client level security.


  • Track and log all points of customer interaction such as sales calls, emails, meetings and other calendar entries.
  • Gain a central hub of activities by linking to other databases.
  • View details and monitor activities for a specific contact, company, lead, opportunity, project, campaign or event.
  • Strengthen departmental collaboration with group calendar sharing.


  • Gmail plugin for full email integration.
  • Outlook plugin for full Outlook integration.
  • Lotus Notes plugin for full Notes Mail integration.
  • Complete QuickBooks integration for recurring revenue transactions.


  • Fully integrated document library allows you to securely share documents company-wide.
  • Track and store electronic documents with easy-to manage version control and access restrictions.
  • Quickly index and archive documents.
  • Generate Microsoft Word documents and other materials using custom templates.
  • Easily view the history of all documents created.


  • Automate the planning and tracking of all aspects of corporate events.
  • Effortlessly send invitations using personal and public mailing lists.
  • Maintain attendance lists; establish processes and assign and manage tasks.
  • Generate and track personalized mass correspondence via print or e-mail.


  • Use call tracking, automatic escalation, automatic e-mail notifications, and assignment pools by expertise to effectively tackle customer needs.
  • Track incidents and complaints to better serve customers and maximize customer retention.
  • Track calls, assign pools, and receive set up notification workflow with Help Desk.
  • Generate reports for analysis.


  • Easily store price, recurring revenue and other product or service information on the products and services your business provides.
  • Pull product/service/recurring revenue information through to view in Opportunities and quotes.
  • Keep up to date with graphical reports on most popular items.


  • Complete mobile capabilities for iOS and Android.
  • Off line data provided within the mobile client for disconnected access.
  • A lightweight offline browser client for offline desktop access.


  • Store recurring revenue information with expiration date, length of contract and other details.
  • Generate quotes with automatic calculation of recurring revenue based on length of contract and/or pro-rata calculations for existing subscribers.
  • Allow self-service so customers can subscribe to the appropriate products easily and automatically.
  • Automatic credit card billing including automatic feed to QuickBooks.

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600 field service representatives.
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