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iEnterprise Email Connector Overview

Looking for the most reliable way to sync your CRM and email systems?

You’ve found it. The iEnterprise Email Connector is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly synchronize your Email, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts with your CRM system. We support several popular CRM solutions. Integrate your Email including Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes and your CRM easily. Click on the appropriate option below for information on how to integrate your particular email and CRM solution.

Which Email System do you use ?

Features and Functions:

Email Integration

  • Copy inbound or outbound emails and attachments to  CRM.
  • Link Gmail emails with CRM Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Projects and Cases.
  • Select To: CC: and BCC: addresses directly from CRM.
  • Display CRM data such as Contact details inside your Gmail UI.

Calendar Integration

  • Automatically synchronize your Calendar to CRM.
  • Link calendar items with Contacts, Accounts and Leads.

Task (To Do) Integration

  • Automatically synchronize your Tasks to CRM.
  • Link tasks with CRM Contacts, Accounts and Leads.

Contacts Integration

  • Integrate your Personal Address Book with CRM.
  • Upload PAB Contacts to CRM.
  • Pull CRM Contacts to your  PAB.
  • Maintain 2 way synchronization between selected CRM contacts and your  Personal Address Book contacts.
  • Easy wizard driven installation
  • Built and easily deployed inside Gmail  and Domino without DLLs or local files to install.
  • Deployment throughout the enterprise is made easy using Domino Database templates.
  • Connects to CRM via web services APIs.
  • Compatible with latest CRM versions provides the web services API is enabled.

Return on Investment

  • Maximise your CRM and Email  Investments
  • Increase productivity and corporate knowledge.
  • Focus on the job, not administration.
  • Centralise and associate all Email  activities.
  • Global, multi-lingual deployment.
  • Convenient SaaS subscription model. 

15-Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Standard (<50 users)
$109 USD per user per year
$4.95 USD per user  per month (add-on)
$9.95 USD per user  per month (sync)
$9.95 USD per user  per month
Enterprise (>50 users)
$139 USD per user per year
$4.95 USD per user per month (add-on)
$9.95 USD per user  per month (sync)
 $9.95 USD per user  per month

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