The Connector vs. Others

Connector for Gmail by iEnterprises

Chrome Extensions / Other Sync Tools

Connector for Gmail by iEnterprises vs. Chrome Extensions / Other Sync Tools

The Connector from iEnterprises is a reliable Gmail add-on

  • Gmail add-ons are securely deployed directly in the Google Cloud and work reliably and seamlessly with other add-ons.

Others deploy via unreliable Chrome Extension

  • Chrome extensions often conflict with each other and or just don’t load in certain situations.

The Connector from iEnterprises is highly secure

  • Gmail add-ons are securely deployed directly in the Google Cloud and have access to only what you allow.

Others are susceptible to security issues

  • Chrome extensions have access to everything you do in your browser and can be malicious.

The Connector from iEnterprises is installed inside the Gmail Cloud

  • Gmail add-ons can be easily and securely deployed in mass by your Google admin.  They work in Chrome, Safari and Edge as well as any browser or mobile device.

Others are installed locally on each individual computer

  • Deploying Chrome extensions for large groups is cumbersome and prone to issues due to the footprint it leaves on each individual PC.

The Connector from iEnterprises offers full mobile capabilities

  • Unlike all others, the Connector is fully functional in the Gmail Android or iOS app.

All other solutions do not work natively on mobile

  • Chrome extensions and most other solutions are not supported on mobile.

The Connector from iEnterprises works in ANY browser

  • Gmail add-ons are deployed entirely in the Google Cloud and work in Chrome, Safari, Edge or any device you login to Gmail with.

Others work only in the Chrome browser

  • Chrome extensions work only in Chrome.

The Connector from iEnterprises shows Emails on all normal activity reports

  • Because emails are saved as normal activities in the cloud and are surfaced on normal reports and dashboards

Others do not show synced Emails on most reports

  • Others do not save emails or save them such that they do not show on reports.

The Connector from iEnterprises syncs recurring calendar events

  • We sync normal and recurring calendar items in both directions.

Others do not sync recurring calendar events

  • Many others do not sync recurring calendar items.

The Connector from iEnterprises saves attachments if desired

  • By default we sync all attachments as related items that are available when viewing the email history.

Others do not save synced attachments within Email and calendar items

  • Many others do not sync attachments.

The Connector from iEnterprises Syncs every 10 minutes

  • Others take much longer or require you to manually sync.

Others take up to 24 hours to sync

  • Einstein Activity Sync takes up to 24 hours to sync.

The Connector from iEnterprises integrates with social media

  • We provide links to social media profiles from inside of Gmail and Salesforce.  We also enhance data with LinkedIn information when adding a contact or lead.

Others do not integrate with social media

  • Most others do not include social media integration.

The Connector from iEnterprises costs only $19.95 Per user per month (paid annually)

  • We provide everything we have at one reasonable price point.  We will not charge you more for extras or try to upgrade you to a more expensive version.

Others cost much more and try to upsell

  • Most others offer multiple price points and offer very limited functionality at lower price points thus forcing you to upgrade to more expensive options that still lack the functionality provided by the Connector

The Connector from iEnterprises can be purchased monthly for $24.95 per user 

  • You can purchase on a month-to-month contract and cancel online at any time.

Others cannot be purchased month to month

  • Most solutions require a full year contract.

The Connector from iEnterprises works with any Gmail address including Workspace

  • Works with Workspace or any Gmail address.

Others require Google Workspace

  • Most solutions require a paid Google Workspace account.

iEnterprises helps you set up the Connector

  • We provide assistance and help you or your Google Workspace administrator set it up at no additional cost.

Others require complex setup

  • Most other solutions require you to perform extensive setup often resulting in additional cost.