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Does at least one of these statements describe you?

  • I love to make meaningful connections for people and be seen as someone who has a valuable network.
  • Introducing people and making connections is an essential characteristic of my job description.
  • To become more successful in my career or migrate toward a new one, I understand the power of helping others make connections.
  • I make 5,000 e-mail introductions a year. Help!!!

Do you get frustrated with the process of introductions? Do you find that…

  • it can be time-consuming to craft a nice, professional introduction?
  • to be respectful, you want to send a pre-introduction to one party and ask if it is OK to make the introduction, before actually being made?
  • you often don’t know if the introduction is, on some level, successful? Was there a connection? Did it lead to a meeting? Or to business?

Then be among the first professionals in the world to experience the power of


Introduction Engine helps you to:
  • Respect the people in your network

    Easily craft an e-mail to the object of the introduction asking if they are open for a new connection. That person, with just one click of an ‘accept’ button, will automatically trigger two pre-written e-mails:
  •  one between the two parties you are connecting
  •  one back to you signaling that the connection has been initiated. In this way, you are respecting your network by requiring conscious opt-in by all parties and, you, the connector, or not left wondering if it was successful.
  • Signal to your network that your connections are important and meaningful

    You not only value your time but also that of the people in your network. You value the privacy of those people by allowing them the choice to opt-in to an introduction. You are not one to haphazardly connect people as a vanity metric but do so in an effort to enhance the value and interests of all parties involved.


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