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iEnterprises Lotus Notes CRM – Webinar 4/20/17

Lotus Notes CRM

Watch the 4/20/17 webinar here: Webinar Video

If you need a CRM that is completely integrated with Lotus Notes, attend the webinar and learn how iEnterprises can help you!  
The Webinar is broken into 2 parts and hosted by one of the original inventors of Lotus Notes CRM, John Carini.  John is also CEO of iEnterprises.  iEnterprises has more than 20 years experience in CRM and has been recognized by IBM with 20+ IBM Beacon Awards.  John Carini will take you through:
Part 1: The Lotus Notes Connector for CRM
John Carini covers how to integrate Lotus Notes with your existing CRM such as, MS Dynamics, Oracle CRM and others.  During this part of the webinar we will show the seamless integration provided by our Lotus Notes Connectors.
Part 2: iEnterprise Lotus Notes CRM
Learn why users of, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and other CRMs are switching to iEnterprise CRM.  iEnterprise CRM is a full featured, highly configurable, easy to use, cost effective cloud based CRM solution that is completely integrated with Lotus Notes.
iEnterprise CRM is perfect If you don’t have a CRM or are looking to convert to an easier to use or more cost effective CRM that is completely integrated with Lotus Notes. iEnterprise CRM has recently been recognized by IBM at the 2017 IBM Beacon Awards as an Outstanding Solution on Cloud!

About iEnterprises

Here at iEnterprises we have been delivering intelligent CRM solutions for 20+ years.  We were the inventors of the first CRM that was completely integrated with email and calendaring.  Over the years we have won 20+ industry awards .  We are proud to service hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users globally.  We have always been dedicated to provide easy to use, cost effective intelligent CRM solutions to help our customers drive more business.





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