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iEnterprises has received the “Highest Quality Award” and “Best Support Award for 2019”

SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. Software Suggest evaluates by:

  • Shortlisting the features any business owner requires.
  • Comparing those features with multiple software.
  • Asking for quotations from vendors.
  • And finally presenting the perfect report of evaluation.

Getting “Highest Quality Award” proved our customers are impressed with our product and its features. Our sole focus has always been to improve user experience and to provide solutions that automate and streamline operations.

The “Best Support” Award is usually given to products contributing tremendously to the value of customers. The product is evaluated based on how it did well in customer satisfaction and continues to bring advanced support to customers.

The experts describe iCRM as an effective and productive platform and recommend it because of its capability to help companies centralize tasks, and deliver results on time without necessarily compromising their quality.

SoftwareSuggest also believes that iCRM is essential to obtain a clear, real-time picture of the progress of each tasks, and is therefore a valuable analytic asset for every small or large company.

We continuously upgrade iCRM to make it further efficient with productive features and Plugins.

We are extremely happy to receive these two awards and we are committed to deliver rising productivity levels and provide better experiences for our customers worldwide


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