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Announcing iCRM the Voice Controlled CRM for Amazon Alexa

iEnterprises Announces iCRM the Voice Controlled CRM for Amazon Alexa

The first artificial intelligence driven, voice-controlled CRM

Chatham, NJ – November 16, 2017 – iEnterprises, a leader in voice interface technology for high impact customer facing business technology solutions, announced iCRM for Amazon Alexa today leading the way in intelligent CRM for small to medium sized businesses.

amazonalexa 300x195 - Announcing iCRM the Voice Controlled CRM for Amazon Alexa

“Until now voice recognition was largely focused on consumer applications leaving businesses with user interfaces that are often hard to use and understand,” said John Carini, CEO of iEnterprises Holdings, LLC.

Carini continues on to say: “iEnterprise CRM (iCRM) is the first CRM solution to leverage the artificial intelligence of Amazon Alexa and the Amazon Echo to provide a full CRM experience.  For example, after meeting with your customer, you can simply dictate meeting notes using the iCRM skill for Amazon Alexa and the dictated notes will be stored in the CRM.   In addition, you can just ask Alexa for important items you need to follow-up on and it will automatically find and read these tasks out of the CRM, so you can stay on top of things.  It also allows you to update any record in the CRM including important customer and prospect notes using only your voice, thus giving you full voice control over your CRM.”

Joe Micieli, CEO of Joe Micieli Investments noted, “The ability to access CRM information with iCRM on our mobile devices and via voice control, enables our team members to get more done in a day resulting in increased productivity and sales.”

Apple iOS, Amazon mobile, and Android apps make it possible to voice control iEnterprise CRM from almost anywhere. iEnterprise CRM is designed to operate with third party hands free devices and will soon be able to natively use Amazon Alexa on the newest Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai automobiles, thus providing vast CRM capabilities for road warriors.

For a limited time, iEnterprise CRM and the iCRM Alexa tool set are free for up to two users. Companies and individuals can sign up for iEnterprise CRM at and download the Alexa CRM skill HERE and start using the voice controlled CRM features today. iCRM is free for two users and the unlimited version costs only $29.95 per user per month.


iEnterprises is a 20-year-old software company specializing in developing advanced, easy to use CRM systems that enable companies to be more successful and profitable. iEnterprises’ chief products include the award-winning desktop CRM solution, iEnterprise CRM.  Most recently, iEnterprises has been recognized by Salesforce Dreampitch at Dreamforce 2016 and by IBM’s 2017 Beacon Awards as an “Outstanding Cognitive Solution on Cloud”. The company is based in the New York metropolitan area and has locations in the United Kingdom and Asia.


For more details, including a sample video describing iCRM, please visit or contact us at


iEnterprises will also be holding an informational webinar on December 5, 2017 @ 10:30 AM EST.  Please visit for more information and to register.


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iEnterprise CRM for Alexa

ICRM 300x278 - iEnterprise CRM for Alexa

iEnterprise CRM for Alexa featured in New Jersey Tech Weekly

iEnterprises Alexa-based iCRM Product Makes Interacting with a CRM Smarter

By ESTHER SURDEN, Jan. 2, 2018, noon

Chatham-based iEnterprises founded by John Carini, who is the company CEO as well as one of the organizers of the Morris Tech Meetup, has added a voice chat-box AI component to its iEnterprise CRM product (iCRM).

This customer relationship management (CRM) feature, aimed at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, uses voice interaction through Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Sales reps constantly go from meeting to meeting, said Carini, and having to interact with a CRM system to make notes or set up follow-ups is a pain for users.

With the voice-activated system, sales reps can leave a client’s site and just talk to Alexa, without having to open a laptop or Web browser. They can ask Alexa to open iCRM, and say, “I’d like to log meeting notes.” The dictated notes can then be securely stored on the CRM.

Or users can open the Alexa app on their phones and ask, “What can I do with iCRM?” The system will prompt them with a list of questions, such as “Would you like to log meeting notes?” If you answer “yes,” the Alexa iCRM app will ask, “Is it for the meeting you just finished” because it knows your schedule, Carini said.

The iEnterprises team has a strong background in CRM and mobile, Carini noted. It has a mobile platform that is white-labeled by Oracle and used by some of the larger companies in the pharma industry.

“Voice is attractive,” Carini said, “because it is really becoming the new mobile. It’s a better way to do mobility. Combining voice with other AI features makes life easier for our users.”

The company chose to leverage the Alexa platform for this project because it is the most open and ubiquitous platform out there, Carini said. “Both Google and Siri are on our road map, but they are only open to certain third-party applications at the moment, and Alexa is much more open,” he continued. “It also is very good at understanding what you said. For example, if you ask it to give you the latest top leads, it will just read them to you” with no interim steps. The company is also thinking about creating a feature that would work with CRM systems.

Carini believes that the new voice interactive feature is a breakthrough for CRM, and especially for those systems aimed at small and medium-sized companies. “Our product is only about $30/month per user for unlimited usage. It’s free for two users and is specifically designed for SaaS companies,” he added. “We are leveraging artificial intelligence technology in actual situations for small to medium-sized businesses, and that’s very rare from what I’ve seen so far.” Details on both the free and paid versions can be found at

There are very few B2B skills featured in the Alexa Skills marketplace; and, in general, there are very few voice-controlled business applications, he noted. AI has obviously been leveraged by large companies doing big data and data analytics, he said, but iCRM “brings this same capability to smaller businesses, allowing them to leverage AI without it costing them an arm and a leg.”

Carini concluded, “We are trying to become a bigger player in CRM by doing things that help our customers become more productive and creating CRM solutions that are more valuable to them. This is definitely a unique feature. No one is doing this in the CRM space. The idea is to bring AI into the mainstream and help companies serve their customers better.”

Apple iOS, Amazon mobile and Android apps make it possible to voice-control iCRM from almost anywhere. Also, iCRM is designed to operate with free third-party devices, and will soon be able to use Amazon Alexa in the newest Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai automobiles in the U.S., providing CRM capabilities for road warriors, he noted.

2018 IBM Beacon Award

ibm18 1 - 2018 IBM Beacon Award


iEnterprises is pleased to announce that we’ve earned a 2018 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Service or Solution Built and Delivered on the IBM Cloud. Revealed at the IBM PartnerWorld at Think conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 20, 2018, we were selected by a panel of expert judges consisting of IBM executives, industry analysts and members of the press. The award recognizes iEnterprises’ exceptional work in driving business value by delivering world-class solutions through our iEnterprise CRM (iCRM) solution.

iEnterprises CRM (or iCRM) is a highly configurable, intelligent, cost effective CRM solution that leverages IBM technology to help our customers effectively manage their salesforce and customer relationships. Unlike alternative solutions in the marketplace like our customers don’t need to hire a team of consultants or purchase additional add-ons. iCRM provides a turnkey solution, complete and from one vendor at one price. Visit for more details.

iEnterprises was selected among dozens of global applicants based on an in-depth application process that included customer testimonials. This win is a testament not only to our commitment to innovation, but also to our customers and their satisfaction and business growth.

iEnterprises was one of 17 award winners and dozens of finalists for categories encompassing a wide range of solution and services areas – from analytics and cloud to security and customer engagement. The IBM Beacon Awards program recognizes IBM Business Partners that deliver exceptional solutions to help drive business value and transform the way clients and industries operate. For more information about the 2018 IBM Beacon Awards, including details on all winners and finalists, please visit:

To learn more about the IBM PartnerWorld program, visit

To learn more about iEnterprises CRM (iCRM), visit