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Webinar: Email Connector for Gmail and Salesforce (11/13/19)

Join us at this special webinar where you will learn how to set up and use our new Email Connector for Gmail and!

November 13, 2019 from 10:00 am – 10:30 am

Sign up here to attend the webinar: Webinar Registration

Click here to watch a sneak preview of what you will learn in the webinar: 

Integrate your Gmail and CRM in one easy step with virtually nothing to install.The connector works in any modern browser including Chrome, Edge and Safari.  It also works on mobile devices such as Android and iOS Devices (iOS coming soon*).  The Email Connector costs only $9.95 USD per user per month (with an annual contract) and $14.95 per user per month (for a monthly subscription).   Sign up for our free 30 day trial HERE in the Google Marketplace and be up and running in minutes.

The Email Connector developed by iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows you to instantly see details about your customers and prospects from your inbox and save messages in your CRM with a single click!  With the Gmail Connector you can allow your staff to focus on the job and not the administration, so your workforce can be at its most productive! Your emails can be organized and associated with Contacts, Leads or any CRM object giving you all the information you need at the click of a button – no more copy and paste!


Gmail, – Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition and Professional Edition, Gmail 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Best Regards,
The iEnterprises TeamGoogle CRM

iEnterprises has received the “Highest Quality Award” and “Best Support Award for 2019”

SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. Software Suggest evaluates by:

  • Shortlisting the features any business owner requires.
  • Comparing those features with multiple software.
  • Asking for quotations from vendors.
  • And finally presenting the perfect report of evaluation.

Getting “Highest Quality Award” proved our customers are impressed with our product and its features. Our sole focus has always been to improve user experience and to provide solutions that automate and streamline operations.

The “Best Support” Award is usually given to products contributing tremendously to the value of customers. The product is evaluated based on how it did well in customer satisfaction and continues to bring advanced support to customers.

The experts describe iCRM as an effective and productive platform and recommend it because of its capability to help companies centralize tasks, and deliver results on time without necessarily compromising their quality.

SoftwareSuggest also believes that iCRM is essential to obtain a clear, real-time picture of the progress of each tasks, and is therefore a valuable analytic asset for every small or large company.

We continuously upgrade iCRM to make it further efficient with productive features and Plugins.

We are extremely happy to receive these two awards and we are committed to deliver rising productivity levels and provide better experiences for our customers worldwide


Download iCRM Mobile App. Stay on top of your sales with our iCRM Apps for iOS and Android





Social Smart Webinar Video: 4/10/19

Webinar: “Don’t let a social media disaster happen to you!”

Watch Webinar Video Here: Webinar Recording

Social Media has risks: Recent Social Media Disaster: Facebook Firestorm Burns Credit Union

  • Are your employees already on social media?
  • Do they have personal Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles?
  • Do they post anything?
  • Do you moderate?
  • Do you archive?
  • Do you think it can happen to you?

Social Smart has been recognized by IBM for innovative social media products in the workplace winning prestigious IBM Beacon Awards and recognition in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

While social media continues to be a crucial component of a successful digital strategy, very few highly regulated organizations like healthcare or financial institutions are able to implement an enterprise solution to optimize social channels and effectively address all the firms’ social media requirements. Building and maintaining relationships, one of the pillars of success for financial institutions, makes meaningful social media engagements essential for servicing customers, growing business and staying competitive. A new, innovative social media management platform designed specifically for regulated industries, Social Smart enables firms to expand their reach and engage in real-time, two-way client interactions through social media while staying compliant and adhering to the firm’s brand guidelines. Beyond compliance, Social Smart helps firms turn social media into business intelligence. This powerful flexible cloud-based software can be effectively used “out of the box” or easily customized to meet firms’ unique corporate needs. Social Smart helps firms to exponentially expand their reach and provides a robust platform for distributing approved customer service and thought leadership marketing.

For Sales related questions email:
For Support related questions email:

iEnterprises wins 2019 Premium Usability and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline!


iEnterprises wins 2019 Premium Usability and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline!


We’re all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at iEnterprises in 2019, and our latest honor gives us even more reason to celebrate.


iEnterprise CRM Bags 2 CRM Software Honors from Esteemed Platform for Software Reviews.Here at iEnterprises, we go beyond the line of duty to provide all our customers with smart and intelligent solutions for their business needs. We’re incredibly pleased with all our accomplishments so far, and the two new honors conferred to iEnterprise CRM affirms that we are on the right track.

Our customer relations management platform for small and mid-sized businesses was recently honored with the Premium Usability and Rising Star awards by FinancesOnline. This software review platform reserves these two industry recognitions to quality business solutions that offer a great user experience and are trusted by customers for its reliability to solve your daily challenges and grow your business. We are proud to receive this recognition from an esteemed platform that gets over 2.5 million monthly visitors from decision-makers all over the world who are looking for the best possible business tools and applications for their requirements.

The FinancesOnline review not only underscored how they understood what is iEnterprise CRM  and its benefits to businesses, but it also covered the key problems it can help address. According to the reviewers, iEnterprise CRM features “rich lead management tools,” “comprehensive” pipeline management capabilities, “rich” third-party integrations, and much more.

As stated by FinancesOnline, iEnterprise CRM users are able to discover more opportunities and qualify for “the highest quality leads.” Furthermore, with customer engagements centralized on a single platform, you can rest at ease that all key interactions and information are neatly categorized.

Please leave a user review on FinancesOnline to share your valuable experiences with iEnterprise CRM. Your opinions and insights are important to our team and will greatly assist us in providing you with better experiences for nurturing your customers. FinancesOnline also has useful resources on topics such as CRM vs CEM, so be sure to give their website a look.






Webinar Recording: iCRM for QuickBooks 4/24/19

Host and QuickBooks CRM expert John Carini at this special webinar that will address how to generate quotes for potential customers, automate billing and track recurring revenue using iEnterprise CRM for Quickbooks thus increasing sales!

Watch the video here: Webinar Recording

iEnterprise CRM or iCRM is a cloud based solution that is built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. It is a highly configurable multi-user system that can be used by your entire organization to manage your salesforce and maximize sales. It provides all aspects of a traditional CRM including, accounts, contacts, pipeline, issue tracking, campaigns, workflow,reporting. It is completely integrated with popular small business tools such as Gmail, Outlook and QuickBooks! We also provide apps for your Mac, iPhone or Android device. In addition, it provides advanced features such as recurring revenue tracking, quoting as well as subscription tracking to automate almost every aspect of running of your business. The solution is ideal for small and medium sized organizations. Unlike and other products iEnterprise CRM provides everything you need to run your business without installing third party plugins, at a fair and reasonable price.

iEnterprise CRM is FREE for up to 2 users and $29.95 per user per month for 3 or more users.

Register for a 30 day Free Trial of either iCRM Free or iCRM Unlimited: Register Now 

iCRM for QuickBooks FEATURES:

  • Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.
  • Sync accounts and contacts with QuickBooks.
  • Automatically creates Invoices in QuickBooks when a deal is closed.
  • Supports recurring revenue.
  • Provides Visibility into QuickBooks from iCRM
  • Provides fully automated QuickBooks credit card billing

iEnterprises – Your CRM Experts for 20+ Years
Here at iEnterprises we have been delivering intelligent CRM solutions for 20+ years.  We were the inventors of the first CRM that was completely integrated with email and calendaring.  Over the years we have won 20+ industry awards .  Most recently iEnterprise CRM was recognized by IBM for the Outstanding Cognitive Solution on Cloud.  We are proud to service hundreds of customer and tens of thousands of users globally.  We have always been dedicated to provide easy to use, cost effective intelligent CRM solutions to help our customers drive more business.

For Sales related questions, email:
For Support related questions, email:


NEW! Gmail Connector for Salesforce


Here at iEnterprises, we are proud to be announcing our release of the Gmail Connector for We have built this Connector to provide a seamless integration between your Gmail and Salesforce CRM to ensure that you maximize your investments in these systems and to have them work as ONE!

With the Gmail Connector you can allow your staff to focus on the job and not the administration so your workforce can be at it’s most productive! Your emails can be organised and associated with Contacts, Leads or any CRM object giving you all the information you need at the click of a button. Gone will be the days of information being trapped within your Inbox!

To download our Connector please visit the Chrome Store here or contact us via the Gmail product page!

Social Smart featured in New Jersey Tech Weekly!




Photo: John Carini, CEO of Social Smart Photo Credit: Courtesy Social Smart

John Carini, CEO of Social Smart | Courtesy Social Smart

When John Carini and Joe Luzi saw the tide of social media revolutionize the way people communicated with each other, they recognized that social media would also change the way businesses talked to their customers and employees. And while many businesses, such as consumer goods manufacturers, could easily adopt social media for their marketing, many others, such as those in the financial and healthcare industries, couldn’t do so because these industries were subject to strict regulation.

The two founders decided to create a company that would produce a social media platform to address these compliance issues. Social Smart (Chatham) is a social media and archiving platform that allows companies in finance and healthcare to engage with and leverage social media in a regulation-compliant fashion specifically designed to conform to each company’s policies.

Social Smart enables these firms to expand their reach and engage in real-time, two-way client interactions while staying compliant and adhering to each firm’s brand guidelines. Beyond compliance, Social Smart helps firms turn social media into business intelligence.

The company is now part of FinTech Studios, a New York City-based company that partners with software startups and has a curated an online marketplace focused on the $4 trillion financial services market.

Basic Info:

Company name: iEnterprises, Holdings, LLC.

When did you launch the company?Founded with Joe Luzi summer of 2013.

Product name: Social Smart.

CEO: John Carini.

New Jersey location: Chatham.

Team: Joe Luzi, cofounder and COO.

Any employees yet? 2 or 3 in the U.S. and a development team in India.

Funding: Social Smart is bootstrapped. “Both Joe and I were fortunate enough to be successful in prior companies and have exits. Joe was with Advanced Health Media and I was with a customer relationship management (CRM) product that iEnterprises (an umbrella entity Carini owns) sold to SugarCRM. We decided together that we would start Social Smart to solve a problem, and we funded it ourselves from our prior successes. So far, it is completely self-funded, apart from the fact that we now have several paying customers. We are part of an organization in New York City  called ‘FinTech Studios.’  We have taken small amount of funding from them. We are open to funding if we think there is a partner that can help us, not only monetarily, but in other ways.”

Market you are serving: Social Smart serves the fintech and healthcare marketplaces.

Entrepreneurial questions:

1.     What is your New Jersey connection? What brought you to New Jersey, and do you plan to stay here? I born in New York and I came to New Jersey for a business opportunity. It’s been a great place for family and business opportunities so far. I plan to stay for a long time to come.

2.     What problem are you solving? As you know, social media is a very important marketing medium. It’s really becoming the primary way, especially on a local level, to reach people. A lot of traditional media and traditional marketing doesn’t really work anymore. Something like 65 percent of the time spent on the Internet is actually spent on social media. So it’s an important marketing medium. The problem is that many companies, especially highly regulated companies, can’t engage with social media for various reasons. One of them is regulatory compliance. So the problem we solve is that we allow regulated companies to engage with social media in a meaningful way, regardless of their compliance issues. We also allow them to do more and better things with social media once they are on.

3.     Why can you address this problem better than anyone else? Joe and I have extensive experience in enterprise software, as well as experience with regulated companies. We saw the problem and we think we have the deep expertise that enables us to allow our customers to leverage social media. We have already done that, and several of our customers have seen tremendous success from our products.  We have companies like Our Best Bank and USA Financial using the service.

4.     How did you come up with your startup name? Really, that’s what our customers are. They are smart about social. So that’s why they came to us, and that’s why we chose the name “Social Smart.”

5.     What was the biggest mistake you’ve made so far in your entrepreneurial journey, and what did you learn from it? There have been a lot of mistakes. I would argue that mistakes are really a good thing, assuming you learn from them. I guess the biggest mistake I made in a past company was not being open to an exit earlier. When I first started the company I didn’t think I wanted an exit. It was my baby. But later on, I realized that exiting was important and that you actually enjoy starting another company.

6.     When was the last time you thought about quitting your startup and going back to corporate life, or doing something else? What got you to stay? There definitely were places along the way where, if I had the chance to go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t have done it. Maybe we had a really bad day, and I ask ‘why do I do this? Why don’t I just have a job, and get paid every week, and be able to put work behind me when I get home?’ That said, it’s rare that I felt that way, and right now I definitely don’t feel that way. The one thing I’m really thankful for is the flexibility that being an entrepreneur has afforded me. Except for the customer, I basically get to call the shots in my personal life as well as in my business life.

7.     If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? I would have been open to an exit sooner. When I first started my first business, I was very green. I just had an idea that I could do something better. It was really my wife that challenged me to do it. We were out at a restaurant, and I said I could do this CRM thing better because it needs to be executed better and integrated with how you work every single day. She asked, ‘Why don’t you go and do it, instead of coming up with these ideas and not executing them?’ I took that to heart and I actually built and executed my first software product in my basement. (In New Jersey, we build them in the basement. In Silicon Valley it’s the garage.) And I did exit successfully, but my biggest mistake was not being open to that exit before. I am now more open to an exit earlier on in a company’s life. I had an opportunity for an exit earlier in the CRM company. I think these opportunities typically come from partnerships. You just have to take them a certain way to get to that point. Some of those exits are more like partnerships that go beyond the existence of the company entity, if you will. I had an opportunity like that with SugarCRM that I did take, and it worked out very well for both companies. They bought some intellectual property, and because of it, together we were able to take the product to places it hadn’t been before.

8.     What’s the best place to find founders to network with? I do think the Meetup scene is something rather new that is providing fantastic places to network. I am one of the founders of the Morris Tech Meetup, and I discovered that there are interesting people to network with right in my own backyard. You used to have to go to Silicon Valley to find like-minded people, but they are really right here, and the Morris Meetup is a big piece of that.

9.     What does your family think about you being an entrepreneur? My kids definitely think it’s cool. Sometimes they are a little perplexed at what I really do. But I think they are appreciative of the flexibility I do have, the ability to attend family events and really be there, whether coaching their games or going to soccer games in the middle of nowhere. As for my wife, ever since she called me out she has been incredibly supportive. I think she enjoys being part of an entrepreneurial family. She’s given me great advice and actually has been involved in many of my companies in a direct manner. She has a financial background, and that has been very helpful in many ways throughout the journey.

10.  What has helped you the most to achieve your current success? I think it is optimism and being able to find a way to solve any problem. There is always a way to solve a problem. But you can’t do this alone. You need expertise and background in order to do so, and the right people in the organization.

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