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About Us

iEnterprises is a leading provider of intelligent CRM solutions

About Us

iEnterprises is a leading provider of intelligent CRM solutions

iEnterprises is a leading provider of intelligent CRM solutions.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the industry and are focused on delivering the best user experience for our customers.

Our teams of highly qualified consultants have hundreds of man-years of experience in developing, implementing and fine tuning CRM for many different customers.    We understand the business issues associated with deploying a CRM solution across highly distributed teams with differing needs in terms of both the technology they use and the information they require.

iEnterprises’ products are already used by thousands of users every day, who access millions of records when and where they need them, thereby making better business decisions.

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Contact: John Carini
P: 973-650-7920

Executive Experience
20+ years

CRM, Mobility
SAAS, Artificial Intelligence

Key Facts:
Founded iEnterprises
Executed a multi million dollar asset purchase to SugarCRM
Successfully negotiated an OEM agreement with Oracle
Founded Social Smart Software

Recent Customers / Partners

John Carini

Software Entrepreneur / Advisor

John is a software investor / entrepreneur with experience in creating, managing and exiting businesses in the software space.He has specialized inCRM and mobile and is currently involved with several startups and charities in equity and advisory positions. John hopes to assist other organizations in similar ways in the future.

John is currently CEO at iEnterprises. John founded iEnterprises and helped bring the company to a leadership position in both CRM and enterprise mobility.  The company was founded in 1995 and came to the marketplace with an innovative CRM solution called iExtensions CRM.  iExtensions CRM was eventually acquired by SugarCRM and integrated into the SugarCRM portfolio.John also leads iEnterprises through the development of the iEnterprise Mobile Platform.iEnterprise Mobile is a robust cross platform mobility tool that allows enterprise applications to be synchronized to mobile devices and used offline.  iEnterprise mobile can be used to provide offline mobility for many applications in many industries but it has been extremely successful in the Life Sciences industry where Oracle currently white label’s the solution.  At iEnterprises John also helped create iEnterprises CRM.  iCRM is an innovative SAAS based CRM solution that leverages artificial intelligence to allow small and medium sized businesses to sell more effectively.  John is also CTO and Co-Founder of Social Smart Software– a cloud based Social Media Compliance Software Company.  Social Smart helps highly regulated companies market themselves using social media while mitigating compliance and other issues.  John is also dedicated to several socially responsible endeavors.  John is a Trustee for the Tri-County Scholarship Fund.  As a trustee John assists the Tri-County Scholarshipwith the mission of providingscholarships to for financially disadvantaged children to receive a quality values-basededucation.  John is also the founder and Organizer of the Morris Tech Meetup.  The Morris Tech Meetup, a pro-bono group, is one of the largest networking groups in NJ focused on assisting startups and entrepreneurs.

Key Relationships

SugarCRM-After nurturing a strong partnership with SugarCRM and developing several complimentary products, John negotiated and executed a partial acquisition of iEnterprises’ assets by SugarCRM in April 2011.  The structure of this multi-million dollar transaction allowed for a successful partial exit while allowing iEnterprises to retain IP ownership of the mobile technology.  The transaction enabled SugarCRM to enhance their position in the marketplace and immediately resulted in more than a 5X return on investment.

Oracle – After developing a partnership with Oracle, John negotiated and signed an OEM agreement with Oracle to deliver an iPad application for Oracle Siebel for Life Sciences.  The deal allows iEnterprises to collect a royalty on subscription sales of the Oracle iSales application that is designed to replace an aging windows based application in large pharmaceutical firms.

IBM–John managed the IBM relationship for iEnterprises.  In his tenure at iEnterprises, IBM recognized iEnterprises with more than 20 IBM awards.  The partnership resulted in great notoriety in the marketplace and was a driving force for the SugarCRM acquisition.  John retains personal relationships at the highest levels within the IBM organization.

Apple – As an early adopter of iPhone and iPad technology, John established relationships with the enterprise team at Apple and successfully launched more than 10 apps in the iTunes store leading to great enterprise mobility success.

Microsoft– After developingMobile Edge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM john successfully partnered with Microsoft to deliver MS CRM on smartphones and tablets.  John worked with Microsoft at the highest levels within the CRM organization to make this partnership successful.

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Oracle Oracle is an iEnterprise customer and provides iEnterprise Mobile to it’s life sciences customers as part of a white label agreement. GK Group GK Group uses iEnterprises technology for it’s team of more than
600 field service representatives.
Waltdisney Walt Disney uses iEnterprises Outlook Connector to integrate their email with Equifax Equifax uses iEnterprises Gmail Connector to integrate their email with Hyatt Hyatt uses iEnterprises Outlook Connector to integrate their email with Iron Mountain Iron Mountain uses iEnterprises Gmail Connector to integrate their email with NotreDame University of Notre Dame uses iEnterprises Gmail Connector to integrate their email with Microsoft Dynamics 365.